Save Space with a Digital Mailroom

Considering the current situation, the ability to rationalise your post room function is key to keeping any business running smoothly and assisting employees working remotely. Our digital mailroom service is the perfect solution to help reduce ongoing costs, reduce the burden on existing staff and potentially speed up your existing mailroom process.

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PostRoom Scanning Services

A Service Level Agreement will be setup to include strict time frames.

All client mail will be redirected to DAAS using an agreed method.

DAAS will open and sort all documents by type/category.

Anything instructed not to scan can be returned.

All documents will be prepared for scanning with all metal removed.

Scanning will be at a high quality resolution with multiple QA checks throughout the process.

Once scanning is complete indexing will be undertaken as instructed.

Finally all items will be uploaded via secure FTP for distribution to the relevant members of staff for processing.

All physical documents will be saved and stored for return as instructed or securely shredded if preferred.

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