DA Archive Solutions offers first-class microfilm and microfiche scanning and conversion services to help you get your microfilm and microfiche digitalised and archived securely. 

Microfilm Scanning to Accessible Digitised Formats

Our microfilm scanning service offers solutions for the digitisation of 16mm & 35mm microfilm whether it be on a Roll, in Jackets on Microfiche or Aperture Cards. Many businesses have invested heavily over the years before document scanning became an option and therefore have archives of microfilm which are not being used to their full potential.

We can convert and digitise your microfilm and microfiche archives either in bulk or as a scan on demand service with all images scanned using the latest technology giving you the best high-resolution image possible.

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Full Microfilm and Microfiche Service

We are one of the few firms left in the country providing a full microfilm and microfiche scanning service. For more information, call us now on 01225 594 292 or fill out a contact form below and we will get back to you.

All Types of Microfilm Can Be Scanned

Using our market leading scanners all microfilm formats including roll microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards can be scanned to TIFF, JPEG or PDF format at up to 600dpi resolution. We will index all scanned images as agreed with the client and if need be we can also OCR the images to allow for text searching and incorporating into most viewing software solutions.

16mm Roll Film

35mm Roll Film

16mm & 35mm Microfiche

Master Jacketed Microfilm

35mm Aperture Cards

The Benefits of Microfilm Scanning

By scanning your historical microfilm you are securing the images for the future and you will also have the ability to incorporate the digital images in to your document management system. In the case of aperture cards these can be added to your CAD system allowing you to modify images if needed.

Why DAAS for Microfilm & Michfiche Scanning?

Choosing us for your microfilm conversion to digital using the latest state of art scanners ensures your historical microfilm is captured and secured for future use all at competitive prices. Our team have years of experience in dealing with microfilm and microfiche giving you the confidence that your previously microfilmed documents will last forever in a digital format.

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Here are some questions our customers and visitors frequently ask our staff.

What is Microfilm?

Microfilm is typically bitonal images captured and stored on either 16mm or 35mm silver halide or diazo copy roll film accessed using a specialist reader/printer which are no longer available. 

What is Microfiche?

Microfiche is typically produced from either 16mm or 35mm microfilm which is cut and loaded into 6” x 4” microfilm jackets and diazo copies are produced as a backup. These can be read on a microfiche reader which are no long readily available.

What is the process for microfiche and microfilm scanning?

Each roll or microfiche is scanned using the latest technology and equipment. We capture each image from your microfilm or microfiche and index them accordingly allowing for quick and easy access via your computer. 

What digital formats can it be converted to?

We can scan all microfilm and microfiche to any of the following image formats TIFF, JPEG, PDF and CAD.

How much does our microfiche service cost?

Prices vary and are based on the different microfilm and microfiche formats and estimated quantities. We offer a friendly personal service and can guide you through the process ensuring we are very competitive. You will not find a company more suited to provide this service and work with you throughout the process.

Why would you convert files from Microfiche or Microfilm?

By converting your historical microfiche and microfilm which are becoming harder to view and access you are securing the data for the future. Microfilm is being phased out and digitising all historical microfilm formats brings you in to the 21st century allowing you the option to import them into your document management software or CAD systems and easily share with others if required.