Large Format Scanning Services for Drawings, Plans, Blueprints & more

Large Format Scanning and the storage of plans and drawings is a challenge for most companies. If you have an archive of drawings, maps or blueprints greater than A3 in size then our Large Format scan service could be very useful to you. We can scan A2, A1, A0 sizes and handle both black and white, greyscale or colour, which can be scanned up to a 600dpi resolution.

If your large format drawings are mixed with documents in the same filing system such as planning or engineering files this is not a problem. We have developed a process of scanning documents and drawings separately and merging them to keep file integrity.

Have your A2-A0 Drawings Scanned Quickly & Accurately

If you have a requirement for scanning a drawing or large document, we can help. With years of experience and the latest technology, we can fulfil any large document scanning requirement. Give our team a call on 01225 707 103 to discuss your requirements or complete our form to get a Free Quote.

Why Choose DAAS for large document scanning?

We have vast experience of scanning large format items such as drawings using our plan scanners and are happy to provide advise FREE of Charge to any potential clients who would like to look at converting their paper archive.

Large document scanning xperience

We have over the years scanned various types of large format drawings, these include a huge amount of design and build drawings and documents for the building and manufacturing industries. We are able to scan large format drawings up to A0 in size in both black and white, greyscale and colour.

Secure scanning

We provide a secure scanning service whilst understanding client confidentiality is a high priority. Our team, offices and systems are secure with all data held internally on secure servers only accessible but our team. We have worked with many clients over many years including the MOD and Police forces in scanning their large format drawings.

Competitive pricing

We pride ourselves on our quality and personal service. On this basis we try to make our quotation and estimating process as simple and straight forward as possible whilst gaining all the information required to provide an accurate quote and estimate. On this basis when quoting for work we will have an in-depth discussion or meeting to find the most cost effective solution whilst making sure any budgets are adhered to and our prices are as competitive as possible based on the clients requirements.


We treat all our clients the same, whether they are large or small organisations, making sure that we are always in full communication and ensuring their work is completed exactly as they expected. We are always very open and honest with clients on their expectations never over committing and under delivering or setting parameters in any job. We understand that every job can be different and we are therefore fully flexible in approaching each job on its own merit. 

First class customer service

We are very flexible and always in full communication with our clients throughout the scanning process ensuring that work is completed to their exact specifications and timescales agreed. We appreciate that every job is different, and therefore, if anything arises whilst undertaking any scanning projects and it requires further discussion before making changes, we will get in touch with clients to ensure that this will be acceptable and continue to meet their exacting needs.

How does large format scanning work? 


are collected from the client using our own transport and driver. On receipt back at our premises they will be checked to make sure all is as expected. Preparation will then be undertaken prior to scanning to repair any damaged drawings and remove any metal such as staples. This is necessary to enable our large format scanners to capture all the data on each drawing.


We will assess each job prior to scanning to decide if they are to be scanned Black & White, Greyscale or Colour and usually at a minimum resolution 300dpi to make sure we can obtain the best possible image quality. We use market leading large format scanners to ensure that the client’s data is captured in full.

Delivery of electronic large scans

Once document scanning is complete all scanned images undertake our strict QA process making sure all images are legible and scanned at the best possible resolution prior to being indexed as agreed with the client. All completed scanning will be returned to the client either via a secure portal or on a password protected USB memory stick or Hard Drive. Usually all hardcopy drawings will then be stored securely for a minimum of four weeks prior to secure shredding and recycling. However if the client requires items returning this can be arranged.

Get a FREE Sample!

Whatever your requirement, large or small, DAAS Ltd can help, call us on 01225 707 103 or email for advice. We provide free samples – batch scanned from your own documents so you can be assured you are getting a quality service.

We Can Scan Any Large Document to a High Quality

Examples of the type of large format scanning we currently undertake are:

Architectural Drawings

Engineering Drawings

Electrical & Mechanical Drawings

Local Authority Plans

Railway Drawings

Circuit Diagrams

Foundation Plans

Historical Drawings




Pencil drawings


Site Drawings

Block Plans

Road Layouts

Large Format Scan Reviews

Large Format Scan Reviews

Large Format Scanning FAQs

What is large format document scanning?

The capture of large format drawings is important to any business that holds drawings that are key to the running of their company or their clients. Apart from the amount of office space drawings can take up in secure cabinets an electronic format gives the client the confidence that they can access to them for many years to come and it also has the benefit of easily sharing the scanned images around the business and with external parties if required. Most drawings held in hardcopy contain information that will be needed for many, many years and this is therefore a future proof method for secure storage of plans/drawings.

What types of documents can be scanned?

Any large format drawing can be scanned in black and white, greyscale or colour using our large format scanners, these include plans, architectural drawings, blue prints and any other large format documents.

How much does it cost?

Every client’s work is assessed and a competitive proposal will be provided depending on the types of drawings, the volumes and the clients specific requirements.

What sizes of documents can be scanned?

We can Scan and index any drawing in size including any of the following: A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0

How long does the scanning take?

It is difficult to say how long it will take to scan drawings as it very much depends on current workloads, sizes and quantities which is why we always quote and agree with the client timescales which are appropriate to each job and acceptable by all.

What are the benefits of large format scanning?

The scanning of client critical large format drawings ensure that information is secure and available for many years to come. Once all drawings have been scanned and indexed and with more and more of us working from home they can be easily shared within the business and it may also allow them to comply with any regulations in place depending on the business type. Scanned drawings can also be imported into Computer aided design systems to allow them to be incorporated with new and modified plans.

Are scans in colour or black and white?

Depending on drawing quality and age we can scan all large format drawings to black and white, greyscale or colour which will be discussed with each client during the quotation and estimate process.

What file formats will they be redelivered in?

Scanned Drawings can be provided in many different file formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIF, DWG, DXF and others.

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